External links, recommendations:

Tango dancers I recommend to watch:

Social Dancers I like (they master all the tango elements for IMPROVISING in the dance floor):

My favorite teachers who I learned with:

Gustavo Naveira with Giselle Anne: vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4, vid5, vid6.

Chicho Frumboli with Juana Sepulveda / Eugenia Parrilla / Lucía Mazer: vid0, vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4,.video5, video6 (Lucía, Gomera), video7 (Eugenia, Cité Tango)

Horacio Godoy with Cecilia García / Cecilia Berra: video1, video2, video3

Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa: vid1, vid2.

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes: vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4, vid5, vid6, vid7

Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez: vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4.

Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez: vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4.

Pablo Rodriguez with Noelia Hurtado and Corina Herrera: vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4 , vid5, vid6


Tango escenario (stage, choreography, acrobatics included, not for social dancing):

Champions 2011 Max Van De Voorde and Solange Acosta: vid

Champions Juan Malizia y Manuela Rossi: Vid1, vid2

Champions 2019 Estefanía Gomez y Fernando Rodriguez: vid1

Eber Burger and Yesica Lozano: Evaristo, vid2,

Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Pinero
: Evaristo, Gallo Ciego, vals, Vid4

Music of some Tango Orquestras to listen, playlists in youtube

Traditional orchestras:

Carlos Disarli

Juan Darienzo

Osvaldo Pugliese

Anibal Troilo

Osvaldo Fresedo

Rodolfo Biaggi

Francisco Canaro

Edgardo Donato

Angel Dagostino

Alfredo De Angelis

Astor Piazzolla

Alfredo Gobbi

Contemporary orchestras:

Color Tango

La Juan Darienzo

Los Reyes del Tango

Sans Souci con Chino Laborde

Sexteto Mayor

Sexteto Milonguero

Fernandez Fierro


Astor Piazzolla (not for dancing in milongas):


CD2 (greatest hits)

CD3 (4 estaciones)


Interviews to tango dancers:

From "Tengo una pregunta para vos", 55+ videos (youtube playlist)

Where to dance:


Where to buy tango shoes:

shops in buenos aires: Neo Tango, Flabella, Comme il fault , DNI Tango (and many others..)

Where to buy Vegan Tango Shoes (without animal leather)

Cheap dance shoes in AliExpress

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